Trump accuses the CIA of lying by lying

The Trump transition team released this short and astoundingly ridiculous statement in response to the CIA’s findings of Russian interference.

Let’s just dissect this unbelievable statement.

  1. “These are the same people that sad Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction”.
    First of all, the intelligence Bush received didn’t state that Iraq had WMDs. That was a misrepresentation made by the Bush administration. But even if that was the case, his team actually arguing that because the CIA was wrong once, they should never be listened to again. I wish him luck on what will be his unintelligent and unjustified national security policies. Let’s also note that intelligence in August 2001 also alerted President Bush of a potential terrorist attack against the USA, which he ignored, and that Trump is unprecedentedly only having 1 of the daily intelligence briefings a week.
  2. “The election ended a long time ago in one of the biggest Electoral College victories in history”. While they would hate to admit it, this is an outright lie. The United States has had 58 presidential elections. In 45 of those elections, the winning candidate claimed more electoral votes than Donald Trump. 78% of winners performed better in the Electoral College than Trump.
  3. “It’s now time to move on and “Make America Great Again.”” Move on? The CIA needs to “move on”? Russia interfering in an election is not something that can be simply brushed aside, especially not if the Central Intelligence Agency states it happened. Certainly ironic to hear the Trump team tell the CIA to move on from foreign interference while Donald tweets insults at a comedy show every Saturday night.

This statement is ridiculous. I’ve never seen such an unjustified argument from a politician, let alone a president-elect, in my life.

The one thing missing is a denial.

Nowhere in this statement does the Trump team explicitly deny the CIA’s findings. All it states is that the CIA can’t be trustworthy and that it’s not even an issue.

Either way, Trump has chosen to trust Russia over the intelligence agencies he will be relying on within the next 6 weeks.

Even journalists don’t know what to make of this statement. These will be a long four years.

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