Chicago Kidnapping: “If the races were reversed” bullshit

Since the news broke of the horrible hate crime that occurred in Chicago, many have been quick to claim that if the races were reversed there would be riots in the streets and extreme outrage throughout the media.

Four black people, three 18 and one 24,  are facing hate crime charges after they kidnapped and tortured a disabled white teenager, whilst livestreaming the heinous crime on Facebook. The victim was bound and gagged, sitting in the corner of the room while the attackers threatened and injured him with a large knife. He was kicked and punched, while verbally abused for being white and supposedly being a Trump supporter.

This act is deplorable and inhumane. Nobody with feeling in their heart can excuse this.

However, this racially motivated event has prompted many claims of a double standard in public outrage, media coverage, and legal outcomes. These claims just aren’t true.

Conveniently, we can compare a recent racially motivated incident that is extremely similar, but with the races flipped.

In October 2015, three white footballers sexually assaulted a disabled black kid. They taunted him with racial epithets, much like the Chicago incident. The footballers forced a coathanger up the poor guy’s anus, before one of them kicked the coathanger multiple times to cause further pain. The victim was forced to recite a horribly racist Ku Klux Klan song.

Two weeks ago, the footballers evaded jail time, given only probation. The prosecutor somehow decided that this shocking crime was not a hate crime, nor was it a sexual assault. The perpetrator reached a plea bargain that allowed him to plead guilty to a felony count of injury to a child. This allows the 19 year old to avoid jail time, unless he violates his probation. He could have faced life in prison, but he was rewarded with not even a day in prison.

This crime did make national headlines. There was little public outrage. There was no rioting, nor protests. This was the exact “other way around” situation that so many claim would be treated differently and far more harshly.

It was certainly treated differently, but inversely to what the ‘#BLMkidnapping’ criers claim. The four black people who perpetrated the horrible crime in Chicago have been charged with a hate crime. The three who perpetrated the horrible crime in Idaho got away with ‘injury to a child’.

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