So were the media biased towards Clinton?

Especially near the end of the campaign, Trump supporters rallied around the idea that the media was rooting for Clinton to win, even giving media outlets names like “the Clinton News Network”. But was Trump really unfairly treated by the media?

The Harvard Kennedy School’s Shorenstein Center did a study on the media coverage of the two candidates throughout the presidential election.


Now, these results are interesting, though don’t show any kind of bias. These results would mainly reflect how the campaigns were actually going.

After the primaries, Clinton certainly had more positive coverage than Donald, however the difference isn’t that significant. Clinton only had 13% more positive coverage, which reflects the polls and the overall stability and demeanour of the Clinton campaign.

When the primaries are included, Trump received more positive coverage than Clinton overall. That shows that Clinton received significantly more negative coverage in the primaries while Trump had significantly more positive coverage during the primaries (back when the media thought he was a fun joke).

So, overall, the difference in coverage wasn’t too different.

If anything, the media was more unfair to Clinton- but that’s another story.

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