Russian Duma voted to decriminalise domestic violence…

From Politico:

A bill that seeks to downgrade domestic violence from a criminal to an administrative offense passed its first reading on Wednesday in the duma, Russia’s lower house of parliament.

A total of 368 lawmakers voted in favor of the bill, with one “no” and one abstention.

Under the proposed rule, the charge of “battery within the family,” currently a criminal offense, would become an administrative one, with a fine, community service or a brief prison term levied against perpetrators. Criminal charges would still be laid if the offense is committed two or more times in one year.

If every 12 minutes in Russia, someone beats a member of their family already, this can only increase, and more will go unpunished.

About 40% of violent crimes in Russia are committed within families. That’s 36,000 women being assaulted each day and 26,000 children beaten by their parents every year.

What’s also absurd is that 368 lawmakers voted for it, and only 1 against. There are 343 in government. There are 65 members in the Communist Party and A Just Russia. I suppose they see it as a futile waste of their time.

What a sad day for Russian victims.


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