Looks like Greg O’Connor for Labour in Ohariu

Hey, that’s my electorate!

Labour is publicly considering former Police Association president Greg O’Connor as their candidate in Ohariu.

I’m not sure what Labour’s thinking. I’m usually one to advocate for Labour becoming more of a big tent party like National has, bu I must draw the line somewhere.

As No Right Turn writes:

You know, the Greg O’Connor who ceaselessly advocates for an armed, military style police force equipped and empowered to shoot whoever they want, and protected from oversight or any legal repurcussions for doing so. The guy who makes excuses for police who beat people in cells and for even the most extreme police and unethical misconduct. The Greg O’Connor who denounces the Bazely report’s requirements for the police to clean up their act and stop raping people as a “ritual humiliation”. That Greg O’Connor.

It was thought that Labour and the Greens would form another deal to try and unseat Peter Dunne. In the 2014 election, if all Green voters had voted for Virginia Andersen instead, Labour would have just scraped by with a victory. Of course, if the left did do such a deal, that alone would encourage more National voters to cast their ballot for Peter Dunne.

Running Greg O’Connor would destroy such a plan. His stance on police issues are simply too thuggish and conservative for any leftie to even consider voting for him.

Andrew Little says he “lines up perfectly with our view that we need to have a well-resourced police force that’s able to respond to the needs that people who are victims of crime actually have”.

Sure, one of Labour’s big goals is to strengthen police and crack down on crime, but the ideas Greg O’Connor supports would absolutely be the wrong way.

The principled Greens could never form a deal with or vote for O’Connor as the Ohariu candidate. Few Labourites could support him either. Dunne, though centrist, would simply be significantly more progressive on social and police issues  than the Labour candidate.

2017 might be Peter Dunne’s biggest victory yet.

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