Spokesperson for Auckland Uni “European Students Association” Runs ‘NZ Alt-right Party’

So, is AUESA a white supremacist group?


It appears NZ Herald has misled their readers, including myself, about the AUESA. While they quoted Adam Holland’s  opinions on the group, they falsely called him the group’s spokesman. The European Students Association disputed this claim.

Newshub’s article quotes him as ‘spokesman’, but quickly clarifies “It’s not clear if Mr Holland is actually a member of the group or just pretending to be.”

The Wireless’s article edited their article and issued a clarification, stating “A reference to former Auckland mayoral candidate Adam Holland being a spokesperson for AUESA has been removed. The club dispute Holland’s invovlement [sic] .” at the bottom of their article.

This is very irresponsible of NZ Herald, if not malicious.

It is totally possible that Holland is involved with the group, but knowing both Holland and NZ Herald, this relationship is very questionable.

My original blog post is still included below, as much of my discussion about Holland still stands.

NZ Herald reports:

The president of the student club which is using symbols also used by white supremacist groups says it has been misunderstood.

The man, who won’t give his name for safety reasons, is the head of the European Students Association established at Auckland University, which some fear is a white nationalist group.

“We aren’t Nazis, white supremacists, racists, fascists,” he told NZME.

“We completely condemn all of that. We aren’t any of that.”

The man says Pacific, Maori and Asian students have cultural groups, and Europeans have the right to have their own cultural group as well.

He says the group aims to recruit both “European students” and anyone else who is “interested in European culture”.

The group’s Facebook page includes Celtic symbols used by white supremacist groups, and paintings depicting the unification of Germany and the colonisation of New Zealand in the 19th century.

Well, that sounds somewhat reasonable.

It has also posted “our pride is our honour and loyalty”, a statement similar to “my honour is called loyalty”, a common translation of the Nazi SS slogan.

Well, uhh.

A spokesperson for the group, Adam Holland, said it is a completely innocent club and there was no indication it had racist intentions.

“It’s about unity, not seperatism,” said Holland.

Holland made a name for himself when, whilst vying for Auckland mayoralty last year, he dressed in a Muslim jubba and yelled “Allahu akbar” and “vote for me” at an Auckland University mayoral debate.

He said he doesn’t see the link between using Celtic symbols and being racist.

“It’s pretty silly. To link Celtic images to racism, that’s hateful,” said Holland who told NZME the aim of the group is “to have a good time, celebrate diversity” and freedom of association.

Holland said AUSA are against the group because they are scared it is racist, “when it’s not.

“They are being the hateful ones. AUSA should be ashamed of themselves and issue an apology.”

Oh, for fucks sake.

I was sceptical of the allegations against this group until I read his name.

Let’s quickly go through his recent history.

His career shows exactly who he is. Adam Holland’s entire political career has been about chaos and rebellion. I severely doubt he believes all the bullshit he spouts- heck, the guy who launched the ‘Auckland Legalise Cannabis’ party now wants 25 year prison sentences for selling pot? Please.

This could mean one of two things for the status of Auckland Uni’s ‘European Students Association’. It’s either what they say it is- a German art appreciating medieval reenactment fan group that Adam Holland’s seen as an opportunity for his contrarian ways, or it’s really a white supremacist identitarian group trying to hide it’s unacceptable ideas.

I’m certainly not a fan of either.

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  1. I’m no Holland fan ~ the man is allergic to me. However I think this piece totally misses the point. Holland has every right to dress how he wants and speak out for whosoever he wishes to should the mood take him. As for his drunkenness ~ he’s playing politics ffs. All them fucking pricks live on alcohol or cocaine. Why is Holland being singled out?

    • Sure, I agree he has every right to say and dress what he wants. However, what he’s said and what he’s done casts severe doubt on UAESA’s defense. If the group was attracting and supporting individuals like him, that’s very concerning and very damaging to their defense.

  2. The NZ Herald has a major role in this. Many hours after the article quoting Holland as a spokesperson, both him and the AUESA started saying that he had no involvement with the group and that the Herald had contacted him.

    According to his version of events, they decided to ask for his opinion out of the blue, and then even though he specifically told them that he had no involvement they dishonestly represented him as an official spokesperson.

    They are definitely aware of this, but they have done nothing to follow up or post any kind of retraction. Whatever the truth is, the public has been misled by the Herald’s coverage. I’m shocked that journalistic standards have fallen so low in this county that this seems to be considered normal and acceptable.

  3. Hey thanks for making that update based on my comment! Personally I’d be surprised if Holland really didn’t have any involvement, but either way the Herald’s lack of follow up is dodgy. Either they’re lying, or a source they quoted was lying to them but they’re willing to let that stand as truth as far as their readers are concerned.

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