It’s no longer left versus right; it’s about pineapple on pizza

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Never mind the left versus right paradigm. This year’s election has moved to a new issue: pineapple on pizza.

Where they stand

Prime Minister Bill English


Evidently in favour of the pineappled pizza. Even using it as an election year prop.

He’s had this position for a while. Earlier this year, he told Stuff “I love pineapple”.

A bold claim.

Andrew Little


His Reddit AMA unveiled his aversion to pineapple on pizza. Apparently it makes the ‘pastry’ too soggy.

I wonder what he thinks of the PM’s attempts.

David Seymour


While he is usually one to take bold stands, pineapplegate was too much even for him.

Chloe Swarbrick


This Green party up-and-comer gave her position on pineapple on pizza not too long ago. It’s a quick no from her.

Gareth Morgan

The Opportunities Party

Not much is off limits for ol’ Gareth. Except for pineapple on pizza, that is.

It’s a no from him too.

Leighton Baker


Amazingly, he chose the ‘all pizzas are beautiful position’. He also took this opportunity to express how he hates science. Please don’t vote for him.

Jacinda Ardern


Jacinda’s less vocal about her opinions on pineapple. However, Stuff reported Little was correct when guessing that Jacinda hates pineapple on pizza.

Little is spot on in the pineapple on pizza trick question – he reckons Ardern wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole, because she’s got good taste.

Then again, Ardern used the same line in the interview as she did in her Reddit AMA: she just doesn’t really order it.

I’ll take it as a no.

Julie Anne Genter


She’s definitely in favour of pineapple on pizza, but in a weirdly artisan way. Each to their own!

Geoff Simmons

The Opportunities Party

He’s staunchly against it.


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