First post-election poll has UK Labour leading by 6%

After the Conservatives severeley embarrased themselves in the 2017 UK election, and Labour’s surprising success, it’s no surprise Labour’s already doing better in the polls.

Theresa May campaigned entirely on the “strong and stable government” slogan, but the Conservative party’s results in her early election have created what is likely to be the most unstable government since the late 70s, in one of the decades most in need of a strong and stable government. The voters now see through the Tory mantra, and finally have redeemed Corbyn as ‘electable’ now that they’ve witnessed him disprove the Conservatives and the conservative media.

Last Poll Before the Election

  • Conservatives: 44%
  • Labour: 36%
  • Liberal Democrats: 7%
  • Scottish National Party: 4%
  • UKIP: 4%
  • Greens: 2%
  • Others: 2%

2017 General Election Results

  • Conservatives: 43.5%
  • Labour: 41%
  • Liberal Democrats: 7.6%
  • Scottish National Party: 3.1%
  • UKIP: 1.9%
  • Greens: 1.7%
  • Others: 1.2%

First Poll After the Election

  • Conservatives: 39%
  • Labour: 45%
  • Liberal Democrats: 7%
  • Scottish National Party: 3%
  • UKIP: 3%
  • Greens & Others: 2%

Labour did significantly better in the election than they were polled, and now their polling better than the Conservatives did, both in the polls and the election results.

Now they’ve got a 6% lead. If Corbyn’s right, that there’ll be another election within the next year, this is a great start. Now that Corbyn’s rightly regained the support of all of his party, and proved wrong all other opposition towards his leadership, let’s hope he can keep the momentum going until the next time the Brits go to the polls.

New Zealand Labour has a lot to learn from Corbyn and his populist campaign.

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