National’s $10 billion roads announcement proves they’re scared and out of ideas

The resurgent Labour Party has the Nats scared, and it shows.

UMR’s latest poll has Labour trailing the National Party by just 3%, and Jacinda significantly leading ol’ Bill as New Zealand’s preferred Prime Minister.

With that in mind, it’s no surprises that National’s pulling out every half-baked bribe they can think of.

First, they announced curfews for kids and army boot camps for young offenders, wishy-washy disciplinary policies that have been proven again and again not to work. So much for Bill English’s evidence based policies.

Then they announced a $1.4 billion hospital rebuild in Dunedin, something Dunedin voters have been wanting for the last decade. Yet, only weeks before an election, National announces this welcomed but overdue project.

Finally, they’ve announced $10.5 billions of investment in… more roads. Yep, they’re finally admitting they’re out of ideas. When the government could be spending money to improve our public transport services and invest in rail, proven again and again to be vastly more efficent and sustainable, they’re choosing to spend tomorrow’s transport infrastructure on yesterday. Hey, at least they’re admitting there’s a free $10.5 billion to spend on light rail, housing, green initiatives, and alleviating poverty.

At least they can’t attack the left for spending and bribing too much. Only difference is, Labour gives New Zealand what they’re promised.


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