A Brief List of Things Wrong With Trump

A brief list of deplorable things about Trump that I have problems with, in no particular order…

  1. Makes veiled threats against opponents
  2. Wants to eliminate food safety regulations (because who wants clean food?)
  3. Thinks sexist insults are just a bit of fun
  4. Insults anyone who criticizes the smallest thing about his campaign
  5. Expresses opposition to freedom of the press, and wants to get rid of libel laws so he can sue newspapers that criticise him
  6. Proud that Trump fails to prepare for debates
  7. Bragging as though it’s some feat that Trump restrained himself from bringing up Bill Clinton’s history.
  8. He encourages people to view a woman’s sex tape at 3am, before tweeting about being “Family First” the next day.
  9. Actually mocks someone for having depression, a serious mental illness. Even worse, Trump probably contributed to O’Donnell’s depression with the constant insults he lobbies at her.
  10. Actually mocks a reporter’s disability at a rally, whilst spouting obvious lies
  11. Has avoided taxes for up to 18 years. Therefore, illegal immigrants probably pay more income tax than him
  12. Accuses his female opponent of infidelity, despite cheating on his first wife not long before
  13. Praised Saudi Arabia’s sharia law for letting men get divorced easier
  14. Says he was bad in the debate because 50% of his thought process was focusing on a barely existent technical glitch
  15. Openly supports committing war crimes
  16. Believes in torturing people using waterboarding, even when it doesn’t work
  17. Wants to start war with Russia, by shooting down their planes
  18. Open to using nuclear weapons against Europe, totally missing the (insane) mutually assured destruction principle
  19. Says he will declare a World War
  20. Plans to violate the Geneva Convention by invading US allies unprovoked in the Middle East to seize oil fields, just to lower gas prices
  21. Wants a mandatory death penalty for those who kill police
  22. Wants mass-incarceration for undocumented immigrants, and thinks lethal-injection for death penalties is too kind
  23. He reminds Anne Frank’s sister of Adolf Hitler
  24. Endorsed by North Korea, a dictatorship that ignores human rights and wants to start a war with the US
  25. Endorsed by China, a communist single-party state that ignore human rights and would love to see the US economy collapse
  26. Endorsed by Putin, who’s nearly a dictator and ignores human rights
  27. Endorsed by the KKK, a group that proudly hates anyone who ain’t white
  28. Endorsed by a Greek Neo-Nazi leader
  29. Endorsed by David Duke, former KKK grandwizard
  30. Endorsed by pretty much every white-supremacist you can think of.
  31. Trump praised Saddam Hussein, former dictator of Iraq
  32. Trump praised Kim Jong-un, current dictator and petulant child of North Korea, for killing his uncle and assassinating his political rivals.
  33. Trump praised China for the way they handled the Tiananmen Square protests, where they massacred between 250 to 3,000 civilians & protesters
  34. ACLU wrote a 28 page long report of Trump policies that violate the constitution
  35. Wants to violate both freedom of speech and freedom of religion to force retail workers to say “Merry Christmas”
  36. A campaign manager tweeted that African-American US Attorney General should be lynched
  37. Trump staffer tweeted that the Baltimore police should make an African-American civil rights activist “disappear”– clearly asking for murder
  38. Frequently refuses to condemn violence at his rallies
  39. Supporters chanted at a rally calling for opponent Hillary Clinton to be lynched
  40. Supporters tracked down and assaulted a woman for painting Trump with a tiny penis
  41. Trump frequently encouraged his supporters to commit violence, promising to pay legal costs
  42. Trump defended supporters who assaulted an Hispanic man, calling them “passionate
  43. Trump ejected African-American students from his rally for no particular reason
  44. Bragged he could murder someone and not lose support (that’s for sure)
  45. Joked about murdering reporters
  46. Supported executing five African-American teens, even after they were found innocent of raping a white woman
  47. Says he might have supported the abhorrent Japanese internment camps in WWII
  48. Considered firing all Muslim TSA agents
  49. Wants to appoint his (totally pro-choice and probably liberal) sister as the next Supreme Court Justice, despite knowing nothing about her political beliefs
  50. Called on Russia to commit espionage on the Secretary of State- this is treasonous
  51. Says NATO should pay the US for protection
  52. Trump ran a fraudulent university to make more money
  53.  In calling for an abortion ban, said that women should be punished for having an abortion
  54. Trump boasted that he’d raised $6 million for veterans, with $1 million from his own pockets. However, these were both lies and no money was raised
  55. Attacked firefighters for enforcing safety regulations, not letting Trump exceed the building’s maximum number of people allowed
  56. Said Putin’s not going to enter Ukraine… when Putin has already entered Ukraine
  57. Hoped that the economy tanks fast so it doesn’t happen under his presidency
  58. Tried to take Bill Maher to court, attempting to claim the $5 million jokingly offered if he could prove his father wasn’t an orangutan- ironically by presenting his birth certificate
  59. Over 50 Trump models claim he has a habit of making unwanted sexual advances on women half his age
  60. Claims women breastfeeding is disgusting
  61. Argued that a prosecutor should allow a rapist simply pay the victim compensation instead of going to jail
  62. Blames women for the high number of sexual assaults in the military…
  63. A woman claimed Trump tried to rape her, then ruins her and her husband financially
  64. Sexually assaulted pageant contestants
  65. Accused of raping his first wife, Ivanka Trump
  66. Accused of raping a 13 year old girl at a convicted paedophile’s party.  See #103
  67. Stalked Princess Diana
  68. Has actual connections to the Mafia
  69. Banned minorities from his casino floor while a racist Mafia leader and friend of Trump was gambling
  70. Illegally withheld tips from employees
  71. Bribed government officials to use eminent domain to seize an elderly woman’s house for more limo parking space
  72. Did the same thing to seize a Holocaust survivor’s house
  73. Hired illegal immigrants, then defrauded them of pay
  74. Also violated immigration laws by sneaking foreign models into the US. Then refused to pay them.
  75. Violated federal gambling laws
  76. Violated Civil Rights Act by refusing to rent homes to African-American tenants
  77. Thinks he can fix the economy by printing more money: see Zimbabwe
  78. Wants to return to the gold standard, despite the vast majority of economists thinking this is a terrible idea. Strangely, it totally contradicts with #77
  79. Wants a $3.2 trillion tax cut for millionaires
  80. Campaigns on being an amazing businessman, despite filing for bankruptcy six times
  81. Started an airline, and never turned a profit in 3 years
  82. Started his own football league, losing $30 million. Then sues the NFL?
  83. Started a vitamin scam
  84. Thought ISIS was in the hotel industry, and thus competition. (They’re not.)
  85. Proud of violating the Fair Labor Standards Act “That’s the way it should be.”
  86. Billions of dollars in debt around early 90s.
  87. Trump constantly harassed tenants and refused to repair anything. He placed a workstation next to the apartment of a woman dying of lung cancer, filling it with dust.
  88. Trump frequently hired illegal immigrants over American workers, proving that illegals really are taking American jobs… thanks to Trump
  89. Bullied and sued a tiny travel agency in 1985 for using the name “Trump Travel”
  90. Bullied and sued a small business for producing “Trump Cards”, despite that the word ‘trump’ was already a playing card term
  91. Bullied and sued an Indian restaurant for sharing the name of one of his casinos… The name in question was “The Taj Mahal”. (This is the most ridiculous lawsuit yet, IMHO)
  92. Threatened to sue Gawker over an article investigating his hair. Great temperament, right? Petty.
  93. Trump doesn’t seem to understand how the government works at all, nor what powers the president has
  94. His tax plan will increase the national debt by $15 trillion
  95. Attacked the Muslim family of a deceased Muslim-American serviceman for criticising his poor understanding of the constitution
  96. Said he “always wanted” a Purple Heart, and that it was “much easier” to get given one by a supporter than to earn the award given to wounded and killed service members. Utterly diminished the importance of such an award
  97. These last two points are especially significant when you consider that Trump actively avoided being drafted for the Vietnam war with a suspicious medical exemption
  98. Claimed the president was a terrorist sympathiser
  99. Trump pretended to be a publicist named John Miller to brag about himself to journalists- ‘John Miller’ claimed in these calls that Madonna wanted to date Trump.
  100. Called a retired marine a “failed general”. It’s not the first time Trump’s treated servicemen badly, as he claimed earlier in the campaign that John McCain wasn’t a war hero because he was captured.
  101. Violated Cuba embargo in 1988 business venture
  102. Made a cameo appearance in soft-core pornography
  103. Trump is currently being sued for raping a child

And yet he’s polling at 44.44% And yet he won the fucking presidency

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