National’s 2017 election ad is a step down. Here’s why:

National’s pushing the hell out of their new 2017 election advertisement. But, it’s a step down from 2014 when it comes to promoting an effective government.

In 2014, the boats represented the country, and showed the strong blue team at the helm.

In 2017, we see the blue team simply.. running? How does this have anything to do with steering the country in the right direction? Where are they going? Why are they running? What does this mean? Nothing.

There’s no symbolism of the blue team bringing New Zealand forward, just them going somewhere alone.

In 2014, the situation was a boat race, showing the blue team working together to win.

The working together part is a key part of that message, hence the shot of the struggling red/green team rowing in opposite directions, getting nowhere, while the blue olympian team were speeding along. It’s also clear that effective teamwork is supposed to be a key theme in their new 2017 ad, judging by the emphasis on togetherness in all their ads, including this one’s voiceover.

Yet what about running suggests teamwork? None of them are relying on each other to play their role. It’s a very independent sport.

What else is shortsighted? The blue team simply running past the others as they fall to the ground

It’s already a key message of the opposition that they have no plan, and that they’re leaving New Zealanders behind. Not only does this ad fail to counter that criticism, it properly symbolises that exact concern.

To me, it looks like the new 2017 ad was an attempt to mix up the excellent ad they ran last election, and failing to recognise the clever thinking behind the choices made. This is yet another reflection of the National Party running out of ideas, and mucking up the execution.

Also, doesn’t that shade of blue look almost green? Here’s hoping.

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