Shane Reti 18% ahead of Shane Jones in Whangarei, but no real winners.

Q+A’s Colmar Brunton poll recently showed the mood of Whangerei voters:

  • Shane Reti (Nat): 42%
  • Shane Jones (NZF): 24%
  • Tony Savage (Lab): 22%
  • Ash Holwell (Green): 10%

For the party vote:

  • National: 41%
  • Labour: 37%
  • NZ First: 16%
  • Greens: 3.6%
  • Māori: 1.3%
  • Act: 1%

Keeping in mind Labour got just 18% in the 2014 election, this is a significant swing, with the Labour vote more than doubling. National and the Labour-Green bloc are effectively tied, similarly to the recent Ōhāriu poll.

Course, having either Shane as the electorate MP doesn’t seem like much of a win. Reti may be the winner, but the electorate’s the loser.

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