Deputy PM Paula Bennett says increased homeless is a sign of a stronger economy… What?

Paula Bennett presenting a speech

The Shub reports:

Deputy Prime Minister Paula Bennett has admitted there are more people homeless in New Zealand than there was when National took office.

But she says the reasons for that tell a “positive story”.

At least she’s admitting homelessness is on the rise. It’s a peculiar strategy.

Speaking to The AM Show on Friday, Ms Bennett said New Zealand’s quick recovery from the global financial crisis (GFC) and the growing threat of terrorism overseas has seen people flock to our shores.

“New Zealanders decided they wanted to come back to New Zealand and stay here, so as a consequence we’ve had more people in this country pretty much in a really short period of time, and that has put pressure on the housing market – there’s no two ways about it,” she said.

This is possibly the most ballsy strategy for a third term government behind in the polls to pursue. The claim that net emmigration from kiwis is in the negative is a total lie, not based in reality. Nor is the idea that an increase in homelessness shows the economy is in good shape. If the economy’s strong because there’s more poor people struggling, then the economy isn’t working.

The fact Paula Bennett thinks it’s totally okay to ‘improve’ the economy at the expense of the New Zealanders already struggling the most shows how out of touch she and the National Party are, but also their implicit contempt for the poorest.

“It’s those at the bottom end who feel the effects of it. But no one expected us to come out of the GFC so quickly, and for the rest of the world to really suffer the effects of terrorism that they did, which meant that New Zealand became a really safe place. People wanted to be here, stay here and move here.

“As a consequence of that growth we have seen pressure… it’s a positive story.”

Then she goes on to say it’s true those at the bottom have been hurt the hardest by their economic management, and says New Zealanders are just lucky not to have succumbed to terrorism.

This is clutching at straws at it’s worse. Doubt we’ll be seeing much of Paula Bennett over the next few days after these dumb but revealing comments.

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