Steven Joyce should resign as Finance Minister

Newshub's graphic on which economists agree

Graphic from Newshub.

Steven Joyce is still adamant that there is an $11.7 billion hole in Labour’s budget (spoiler alert: there isn’t).

Basically, Labour presented their ‘future operating allowance’ in an unorthodox way in their budget. This either: a) confused Steven Joyce, or b) made his eyes light up like a kid on christmas morning.

Now, both Bill and Steven profess to 100% stand by their numbers. Now, this was clearly (hopefully) a dirty strategy to shift last night’s debate to finance. But, if we are to trust that they really do believe in their claims, then it is clear that Steven Joyce, who’s also their campaign manager, is too incompetent to be finance minister.

If we look at the graphic above, which I stole from Newshub, it’s clear where expert opinion lies. There’s only one group that loosely supports National’s claim, but as Newshub says: “When asked if an independent economist could verify his claims, Mr Joyce mentioned the Taxpayers’ Union, which is widely regarded as a right-wing lobby group. ”

If Steven Joyce continues to shamelessly stand by his debunked allegations, then he proves he is too incompetent to continue serving as Finance Minister. No competent Finance Minister should ever get confused because a number was on the wrong row, and especially should not unequivocally stand by his false allegations against the weight of all expert opinion.

(Then again, then Finance Minister Bill English did veto an extension to paid parental leave, now National policy, because he got confused about how much it cost.)

Steven Joyce's confirmation bias

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