Epsom lefties should cast their electorate vote for National

David Seymour

There’s only one way to get David Seymour and, by extension, the ACT party, out of parliament and out of government this election, and that’s for all Epsom lefties to cast their electorate vote for National’s candidate, Paul Goldsmith.

A radical suggestion, to be sure.

Let’s look at the numbers.

Here’s the 2014 election results for Epsom:

Party Candidate Votes %
ACT David Seymour 15,966 43.08
National Paul Goldsmith 11,716 31.61
Labour Michael Wood 3,470 9.36
Green Julie Anne Genter 3,021 8.15

So, last election, National’s Paul Goldsmith was 11.47% behind David Seymour. Labour’s Michael Wood and the Greens’ Julie Anne Genter recieved a combined 17.51% of the vote. If just two thirds of these lefty voters had cast their vote for Paul Goldsmith, David Seymour and his radical agenda would be out of parliament for good.

Earlier in the year, ACT also published some electorate polling, which gives us somewhat of a better view of where support lies:

Party Candidate %
ACT David Seymour 46
National Paul Goldsmith 30
Labour David Parker 11
Green Barry Coates* 11

*poll was done when Julie Anne Genter was still the Green candidate, so I’ll assume Coates has her support

Also, this poll is likely to overstate Seymour’s support, as it was published by the ACT party

Here, Seymour is 16% ahead of Goldsmith. Parker and Coates have a combined 22%. Again, if those lefty voters instead voted for Goldsmith, Seymour would be out of parliament.

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