A strategic voting guide for undecideds

Tea&Oranges wrote this excellent article outlining why the best strategic vote for voters of all colours and stripes is a vote for the Green Party.

I also recognise that the Greens are not everyone’s fave. That’s cool, we have democracy because disagreement in inevitable. But the latest polls are a bit of a worry for the Greens – hovering around the 5% threshold, down from their 11.6% last election. Even if you’re not the sort of person who has a Party Vote Green bumper sticker on your dented car (like me), the Greens have done fantastic work in Parliament the past 18 years and there’s a lot a stake in keeping them there. So, if you’re a voter in one of the categories below, read on, and then when it comes time to cast your vote, remember to PARTY VOTE GREEN. 

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