Ngā Wāhine Mōrehu: The Hui shares the perspectives of 4 women, who survived state care abuse

Four survivors of state care abuse

The Hui: Sunday 10 September 2017The Hui produced a special episode, sharing the lived experiences of four women who survived physical and sexual abuse for years whilst in state care.

It’s a heart-wreaching watch, but very much worth watching and listening to. It’s difficult to comprehend the suffering these women had to endure, and the pain they must have felt with nobody who would listen.

Last week, the United Nations’ Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination called for an independent inquiry into New Zealand’s state care abuse. As Pamela Thompson said, “It would mean that we are all heard”, and it’s beyond time that they were.

You can sign the open letter by the Human Rights Commission calling for the government to finally launch an independent inquiry into New Zealand’s state care abuse and to apologise the many men and women, overwelmingly Māori, who survived abuse in state care by heading to

An independent inquiry is backed by the Labour Party, the Greens, and the Māori Party.

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