Greenpeace: Jacinda has the talk, but the Greens have the walk


In response to the Greens’ climate policy announcements today, Greenpeace climate campaigner, Kate Simcock, says the Greens should be applauded for their climate policy.

‘It’s exactly the sort of response to the biggest threat facing humanity that we need to see from our leaders. All political parties should be adopting this policy, aiming for New Zealand to have 100% renewable electricity, to be carbon neutral by 2050, and with clear legislative plans to get us there.’

The choice is clearer than ever. Climate change is hurting every generation now. While Jacinda talks the talk, Labour policy only tinkers around the edges. Let’s not forget that Labour still supports drilling for oil.

‘While Labour’s climate policy, released on Friday, has the bones of a good climate policy, and also aims for New Zealand to be carbon neutral by 2050, it lacks the Greens’ will to immediately put a stop to polluting activities, like burning oil, coal, and gas, that we know are the driving force behind climate change.’

‘It’s pretty disappointing that Labour can’t just commit to killing National’s deep sea oil exploration programme. The industry is on its last legs anyway, and we don’t need a climate commission to tell us that this is the frontier oil that would tip our climate over the edge if it’s burnt. For us to have a future, the oil industry must have no future. Government policy must actively hasten the end of oil.’

Greenpeace is totally correct. If we want to become world leaders in progress like we once were, we need to take real action on climate change. New Zealand depends on it, the next generation definitely depends on it, and the entire bloody world depends on it.

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