National’s ‘alternative facts’ are working.

National's alternative facts

A conversation with my father today from newzealand

Despite the most patriotic true-blue New Zealanders scoffing at what’s happened in the United States, they’re still totally buying National’s dishonest claims about Labour’s tax plans. This is simply sad.

Labour have ruled out any CGT or land tax on the family home, they have no plans for any increase in income tax, the water levy significant enough to be of any concern (though not as good as Greens policy), and the ‘fart’ tax is just fair. It’s ridiculous that farming is the only industry that’s not only free from the emissions trading scheme, but then has any emissions entirely subsidised by the taxpayer. Even then, Labour only wants to start off with having 10% of their emissions taxed.

But, at this point, it’s no surprise Labour has been forced to announce they’ll be no new taxes from their working group till 2021. Whether true or not, it’s necessary to counter National’s dishonest attack campaign.



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