Māori Party press release weirdly criticises Labour for supporting same-sex marriage

Controversial Māori Party press release

In this press release published last Friday, the Māori Party has criticised Labour for supporting same-sex marriage back in 2013.

Furthermore, Tuilagi Saipele Esera is urging our Pacific people and communities…“do not vote for the Labour Party that continues to decriminalise and legalise against our core Christian and Pacific Cultural Values.”

“They decriminalised prostitution, and legalised same sex marriages. Now they want to legalise ‘death on demand’ via legalising Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide”.

This is especially questionable, as all three Māori Party MPs voted in favour of legalising same-sex marriage.

Party co-leader Marama Fox has distanced herself from the press release on Twitter, saying:

Regardless, it’s concerning as to why their Pasifika members are expressing personal perspectives in a Māori Party press release, especially perspectives so contrary to the party’s preceding position.

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