Rotorua Māori Party candidate endorses National MP

Wendy Biddle

Following the Māori Party press release the other day, criticising the Labour Party for supporting same-sex marriage, the Māori Party’s Rotorua candidate came out today and endorsed the National MP for Rotorua, Todd McClay.

This is quite contrary to Marama Fox’s quite public position of leaning towards a Labour/Greens government, but obviously nobody else got the memo.

“I’m ticking Todd, that’s me,” she said.

It’s really little surprise, having worked in the National government for the last 9 years- I guess they’re pretty comfortable, regardless of what the voters want.

“We know we’re in the sights of Labour, we’re not even in the conversation. They want to eliminate us.” she said, ignoring the fact they’ve comfortably supported the National government for a decade.

It’s pretty clear that a vote for the Māori Party is a slight gamble on change. Yes, the decision does go back to the membership, but the party appears to be either against or agnostic to change. If you’re fine with another term of National government, feel free to vote for the Māori Party, but if you want definite change, whilst still voting for excellent advocacy for Māori rights, then you ought to consider voting Greens.

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