Why won’t ACT work with Labour? Only for charter schools half the time?

David Seymour
In this hypothetical scenario, the Labour/Greens bloc is 1 seat short of a majority, with ACT’s 1 seat and National & NZ First making up the rest.

Now the ACT party awaits their fate, hitched to the post that is National largely because of their belief they are and will always be part of a ‘centre-right government’. Whatever National does, the ACT party simply chases after like a dog.

See in reality, ACT should act like a swing party. They have the opportunity to provide a better coalition option than the prickly New Zealand First. Less volatile, more reliable, and generally safer all round.

Once again, the public questions: why isn’t there an advocate for charter schools all over the political spectrum. Even some of Labour’s strongest members, such as Willie Jackson and Kelvin Davis, have indicated full support behind them. There is real support for cross-spectrum charter school advocacy.

For a start, David Seymour should drop his euthanasia bill. ACT doesn’t have to be all things to all people. They should stick to what they’re great at: charter schools. We already have a large party advocating for smarter spending and centre-right government, and that’s National.

Just campaign on one or two core policies, and take those into coaltion negotiations with either the left or right. Work with either.

Just get into government and force that change to the education system. That’s a far better option then having a million bottom lines on ‘three strikes’ and ‘euthanasia’. If they maintain that approach, they’ll only ever make change half the time.

We see that Labour and the Greens are in the best position to make a government, and that means ACT will be left on the curbside once again. They’ll achieve little, and that’s what you get when you’re not at the table.

It’s a total shame. Seymour’s a smart guy. Truly.

He’s worked in public policy. He knows his stuff.

David’s the best person to reposition ACT to a real advocate for school choice, and if he does it right, ACT would become the kingmaker of elections to come.

Finally New Zealand First would be rid from that position, and New Zealand would be free from his outdated ideas that favour those climbing into their graves, and would bring such joy to all the unnuanced voters supporting a Labour or National government, but not at the expense of school choice.

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