Jeremy Elwood’s deleted and bullshit tweet.

Jeremy Elwood, in his post election rage, somehow chose to blame… the Greens? Ignoring the horrific language for a moment, but how can he be angry at Green voters? It’s not a wasted vote, nor is it going to benefit a National government. The only thing this does is contribute to a Labour government.

Why is he not angry at National voters, who literally voted for the National government. Or even NZ First voters, who couldn’t vote Labour and would rather roll the dice on National?

It would be worse for Labour if the Greens only got 4.9% of the vote, as that vote would be split accross National and Labour, but would give National the 61 seats needed to govern alone.

Labour doesn’t own the left. They have no ‘right’ to Green votes, or even TOP votes. Your party not getting quite as many votes as you’d like isn’t the fault of Green voters or TOP voters. If you’re going to blame anyone, blame the Labour Party for fucking up their tax policy and forgetting to explain their water policy. Certainly don’t take your anger out against your own side.

Your party underperforming your expectations certainly doesn’t give you any right to use sexual violence as a threat against left-er voters. Jeremy ought to send out a proper apology, not this shitty one where he only regrets his ‘wording‘.

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