Is this ridiculous ‘BlueGreen’ scenario spreading through the media just a weird & weak National negotiating technique?

Suddenly, every corner of the opinion media landscape seems to be pushing the idea that the Greens should consider propping up a fourth term National government, regardless of the fact it would be political suicide and a crappier option for them anyway.

Jane Clifton, an NZ Listener columnist, and David Cormack, a communications guy or a poltical pundit, both have stated that these writers are simply being paid to share this narrative around.

So, who would have any reason to invest in spreading such a narrative?

A: National.

Q: Why would they do this?

A: Firstly, to somehow ‘convince’ Winston Peters that they have other coalition options, but also to discredit the Greens as unreasonable radicals, and to increase misunderstanding of the Green Party’s platform by casting them as just enviomental.

Q: Why would Winston believe such a thing?

A: He wouldn’t.

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