Remember, most voters want Winston to support a Labour-led government

Back before the election 1 News/Colmar Brunton asked voters who they thought NZ First should support, from September 2nd to September 6th.

46% of respondants want NZ First to support a Labour-led government.

33% of respondants want NZ First to support a National-led government.

7% of respondants don’t want NZ First to even be in government, or for NZ First to support neither National or Labour.

14% of respondants didn’t know.

It’s clear most voters want NZ First to join a Labour government.

What do New Zealand First voters think?

Note, this has an ±11.6% margin of error

NZ First supporters overwelmingly prefer joining a Labour-led government, with 65% supporting such an arrangement. Only one quarter support NZ First joining a 4th term of National government.

If Winston chooses to go with National, that’s two thirds of his support he could quickly lose.

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