More ridiculous coalition arrangements weighed up

Earlier I wrote about the coalition options for the Greens, which was well received.

Now I want to have a bit of a laugh, and weigh up the more peculiar coalition arrangements.

National/Labour ‘Grand Coalition’

  • Germany’s run with this arrangement from 2005-2009 and 2013-2017
  • Pleasing to centrists
  • Labour/National have more in common than National/Greens do
  • Would probably last a decently long time, as they would command 103 seats (85%) and thus could still form government if they lost a third of their seats


  • Opposition made up of minor parties (not in the interests of the major parties)
  • Winston Peters becomes leader of the opposition
  • Labour/National would lose a lot of support to the minor parties, as has happened in Germany
    • (Though this would introduce a new era of MMP without the FPP sentiments)

Green-led/National Coalition

With some of the theories coming out of certain people, a Greens-led National government isn’t much of a stretch.

For instance, National Party pollster and blogger David Farrar thinks it would be fine to give James Shaw the Deputy PM role and Minister of Finance, to give Julie Anne Genter Minister of Public Transport, to give Gareth Hughes Minister of Communications, to give Marama Davidson Minister of Māori Development, and to give Golriz Ghahraman the role of Chairperson for the Select Committee on Human Rights.

It’s a bit ridiculous, but no reason to stop there. Why not go the full way and make it a Greens led government, with National as the junior coalition partner.

They can have a few of the roles the Greens don’t care much for, like racing, customs, or stats.

  • Would benefit the Greens. Get shown as a strong leader, and major policy gains.
  • Would usher in a new era of MMP


  • National would be made to look like a weak puppy, secondary to the fourth largest party.
  • May piss of some Green supporters, for National would earn some policy concessions


Throw all the toys out of the cot and rise up against Winston Peters! Even David Seymour gets a seat at the table, just to rub salt in Winnie’s wounds.

  • Everyone would get policy concessions!
  • Peter Dunne will finally get his cross-party committee


  • It would please absolutely nobody (except maybe Dunne)
  • NZ First would become the entire opposition, and would probably become at least the second biggest party at the following election as they attract disaffected voters.

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