Aussie government representatives already attacking our new Government

It’s not even been a day, but government representatives of Australia’s ruling Liberal Party are already taking potshots at our new Labour government and trying to sow doubts about Ardern’s potential success.


Then Employment Minister Michaelia Cash on Thursday night suggested the new NZ government may be destined to fail.

“History shows that unfortunately the last time the Labour, Greens and independents formed Government it didn’t end well,” Senator Cash told 2GB radio, before praising the previous government led by John Key and Bill English.

The Australian government criticised the Labour Party for meddling in Australian politics earlier this year, even though the Labour Party didn’t really. Yet now they’re happy to insinuate this government is destined to fail?

Then the Liberal Party Premier for NSW tweeted this:

New Zealanders don’t like being told to move to Australia because our new government apparently won’t have “great infrastructure, a growing economy and jobs”. This is another clear attack on Jacinda’s new government, and it’s disappointing to see such petty partisanship from the Premier of NSW.

That’s on top of their partisan newspapers trying to undermine the victory, failing to understand a single basic principle of MMP:

Turnbull should reign his senators and members in.

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