Once Again, Milo Plucks Anti-Muslim Bigotry From His Ass

A Facebook page that I follow asked for thoughts on this article by the provocative ‘conservative’ Milo Yiannopoulos. In it, he tries to argue that Sweden is banning christmas lights adorning street poles in order to avoid offending Muslim immigrants. While this piece of ‘news’ is based on truth, Milo’s spin and wild assertions make his article simply a bigoted lie.

The source he sites is this article on Speisa.com, which is in no way a reliable source. It has a long history of making ridiculous and false claims without apology, often about Muslims and the Middle East. As the article quotes the mayor of ‘Lititz’, a town that doesn’t even exist, it is clear that this article isn’t very reliable.

The article on Speisa looks to be using this article on STE as it’s source, a leading Swedish news site. Now I see where the Speisa article got the name ‘Lititz’ from- Google Translate chooses to translate the name of the real Swedish name of Gislaved to ‘Lititz’.

Now I can read what the Swedish article actually says. The truth of the article is that the Swedish Transport Authority is now reviewing the use of it’s poles, and doesn’t want to pay for the lights’ electricity. The poles used to belong to the local municipalities, but as the roads became major transport routes, the roads and poles are now owned by the Swedish Transport Authority. The local communities were happy to pay for lights on their poles, but the STA doesn’t wish to spend the same money.

This is all the controversy is. Milo is clearly once again trying to link an unfortunate decision to protecting Muslims.

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