Can we just give Hillary a hug?

It truly doesn’t matter who you voted for.

I can’t imagine what it would feel like to leave tens of millions of voters feeling depressed. It must be awful to spend decades working towards winning the presidency to lose it because people preferred an unqualified outsider who has said and done some absolutely deplorable things during the campaign.

When Gore lost to Bush, Bush was still qualified and a respectful man. When Kerry also lost to Bush, Bush was still qualified and mostly respectful. Neither had worked decades just for the presidency. Neither lost to an orange maniac.

Sure, she’s an iron lady. She faces her opposition like it’s a cool breeze. She’s been continuously attacked for years. But not even that can prepare you for a loss like this. It’s worse than your dog suddenly dying. Hell, it could even be worse than losing a child.

So before we point fingers and pass blame, let’s give her a hug, and congratulations Trump.

Also relevant: this performance is a timely tribute to the late Leonard Cohen, a commemoration of a big loss for so many people- around the world even, and an important reminder for people to come together and work hard for what they believe in. Or if you voted Trump, just a Cohen tribute.

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