Trump Surrogates are using JAPANESE INTERNMENT CAMPS as precedent for a Muslim registry

This is absolutely amazing and horrifying. The WW2 internment camps have been unanimously regarded as a breach of human rights and an example of explicit racism. Of all the things to use as an example of ‘precedent’, don’t use the one thing that nobody can legally or morally justify.

Internment camps were an extreme breach of justice. Simply because of their Japanese race, these people were illegally imprisoned without any trial. So many of their universal human rights and their rights as Americans were totally violated.

It was Republican hero Ronald Reagan who signed the Civil Liberties Act, which apologised for the internment of Japanese-Americans on behalf of the US government and paid every camp survivor $20,000.

“I know the ACLU is gonna challenge it” he says. If you have to argue that it will hold “constitutional muster” and you are certain the American Civil Liberties Union will challenge it, it’s an absolutely awful idea even if it is somehow legal.

Megyn Kelly was right to push back at him on these commented, but I just wish she had challenged him harder.

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