Turns out, the Donald is guilty of the same media collusion he accuses others of

In Fox News host Megyn Kelly’s new memoir, she mentions how President-Elect Trump would bribe her and other journalists during the campaign to give him positive coverage.

This is actually one of the untold stories of the 2016 campaign: I was not the only journalist to whom Trump offered gifts clearly meant to shape coverage,” said Kelly. “Trump tried to work the refs, and some of the refs responded…This is smart, because the media is full of people whose egos need stroking.

This is certainly damning, and would have been great to hear during the campaign. It wouldn’t make any different to Trump supporters who ironically believe in a rigged & biased media, but it would have been another useful line of attack. It is certainly a shame that Kelly chose to keep this piece of information for her memoir instead of responsibly reporting it.

She also states that when some reporters became to obvious in their support for Donald, they would even work with the Trump campaign to workshop criticisms of him as not to appear biased. She unfortunately doesn’t name any names, but it’s not hard to guess who at Fox News she’s talking about.

It is pleasing that Megyn Kelly acted ethically and rejected Donald’s offer of a “girl’s weekend” at his hotels.

Kelly also states that Donald Trump was leaked the Republican debate questions in advance. An agitated Trump called her up, asking her about a question he didn’t like. She writes it was “bizarre behavior, especially for a man who wanted the nuclear codes.”

Once again, it seems, Trump’s attacks have been mere projection. His attacks on Clinton of corruption, collusion, lying, bigotry, instability, recklessness, scamming, and sexual assault all applied more to himself than they did to her. Now, his attacks on the media colluding with the Clinton campaign apply just as much to himself, if not more so.

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