Kim Dotcom’s Alternate Reality

Despite his skills with a keyboard, he’s definitely forgotten how to Google.

Kim Dotcom, that guy who’s (unfairly, I do agree) in trouble with the US government, and started the utterly misguided Internet Party (handing the election to the National Party), somehow thinks Trump will be a champion of internet freedom and whistleblowers. Could he be any more wrong?

For starters, Trump has consistently opposed internet freedom. All the way back in December 2015, Donald stated he wanted to “close up the internet”. The San Bernadino shooter iPhone encryption controversy highlighted how Trump has little regard for information security and encryption. There’s no doubt Kim Dotcom strongly disagrees with both of these positions, so as much as Trump needs advising on internet freedom and security issues, there’s no chance of Donald listening.

There is also no doubt that Snowden would not be welcome in Trump’s America. Back in 2013, Trump called for Edward Snowden to be executed. With Kim Dotcom’s long lasting support for Snowden, praising someone who wants Snowden dead is, again, irrational.

This election, Snowden certainly hasn’t seen either candidate as being any better. You wouldn’t find him round a table with Trump or Clinton. You probably wouldn’t find him round a table with Assange either.

Once again, Kim Dotcom’s lost the plot. His support for Trump makes no sense and is totally illogical. Once a saint of the internet, now just a sad man grasping at straws.